About Us

Our Mission and Litany

We are determined to be committed to Jesus Christ. The mission of the Rocky Branch Baptist Church is to witness Jesus Christ. Through the proclamation of the gospel, the teaching of His doctrine, the consecration of the individual believer. And the demonstration of His love in the believer by ministering to the least, the lost, the lonely, and the unloved. Our mission of witnessing for Christ will motivate and equip persons to accept, by faith, God’s redemptive purpose, to accept by allegiance His will and to accept by actions, His way by all humanity. The result of this witnessing mission will lead to the fellowship of a harmonious relationship with God and with one another through His Son Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We are headed in a new direction with the help of the Lord. The Cathedral in the Country has moved into an innovative and exciting church building that includes a 400 seat sanctuary, fellowship hall, classrooms, offices and pastor's study. Come fellowship with us as we further our ministry in the community and continue to do God's will.

Spiritual Leaders

There's no such thing as a great church without great leaders.


Lynn G. Robinson

The Reverend Lynn G. Robinson is a native of Southwestern Pennsylvania. He is the oldest of five children born to the late Deacon Benjamin G. Robinson and the late Mrs. Daisy Abbot Robinson-Early. He is married to the former Lisa Ann Fitzgerald.

He received his elementary education through the German Township School District and graduated from the German Township Senior High School, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with an Associate Degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences. He also attended the American Baptist Theological Seminary Satellite School and studied at the Reformed Presbyterian School of Theology, Pittsburgh, PA. He is also a graduate of Virginia Union University with a B.A. Degree in Religion and Philosophy and holds a Masters of Divinity from Virginia Union School of Theology.

Reverend Robinson is the former pastor of Rocky Mount Baptist Church, Connellsville, Pennsylvania; Ebenezer Baptist Church, Matthews County, Cobbs Creek, Virginia; Shalom Baptist Fellowship Church, Richmond, Virginia. He is presently the pastor of Rocky Branch Baptist Church, Sutherland, Virginia, where he has been the last seventeen years.

He has been in the gospel ministry for over thirty-six years. It is the philosophy of Pastor Robinson that a church cannot grow until we as Christians understand the real meaning of church membership. Every member should know the seriousness and sacredness of their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Churches are never stronger than their membership; and a membership of careless, negligent, stunted Christians will prevent a church from accomplishing much for the lord. There is a need for every member to be consecrated, trained, and enlisted into active service. We are under obligation to be the very best members possible under the leading of the Lord.

Additional Officers

Diaconate Ministry
  • Deacon Clarence Williams – Chair
  • Deacon George Noel –Co-Chair
  • Deacon Ada Williams - Secretary
  • Deacon Debera Bonner – Assistant Secretary
  • Deacon Joyce Noel
  • Deacon Obena Anderson
  • Deacon Harrison Bonner, III
  • Deacon Maurice Davis
  • Deacon Janet Edwards
  • Deacon Arlene Jackson
  • Deacon Thomas Jackson
  • Deacon Paulette Moore
  • Deacon Bertha Pryor
  • Deacon Calvin Robb
  • Deacon Arlene Spicely
Trustee Ministry
  • Trustee Harold Jefferson, Sr. – President
  • Trustee Gilbert Griffin – Vice President
  • Trustee Irene Bethune – Secretary
  • Trustee Edna Brown - Assistant Secretary
  • Trustee Thelma Jones - Chaplain
  • Trustee Thomas Burkhalter
  • Trustee Larry Evans
  • Trustee Dale Moore
  • Trustee Donald Williams, Sr.
  • Trustee Raymond Wrenn
  • Trustee Fredaerick Wilkerson
  • Jr. Trustee Olivia Bethune
Church Officers
  • Elois Evans – Church Clerk
  • Doris Murdock – Assistant Church Clerk
  • Rita Winfield – Church Administrative Assistant>
  • Deacon Harrison Bonner, III – Church Treasurer
  • Bernette Robb – Church Sexton
Missionary Ministry
  • Arnita Johnson – President
  • Louise Bland – Vice President
  • Mary Cox – Secretary
Transportation Ministry
  • Deacon Thomas Jackson – President
  • Deacon Clarence Williams – Vice President
Senior Citizens Ministry
  • Thelma Jones – President
  • Elois Evans – Vice President
  • Mary Cox – Secretary
  • Deacon Bertha Pryor – Treasurer
Sisterhood Ministry
  • Nedra Jones – President
  • Lisa Robinson – Secretary
  • Rita Winfield – Assistant Secretary
  • Trustee Edna Brown – Treasurer
  • Alice Lee – Sunshine Coordinator
Brotherhood Ministry
  • Trustee Raymond Wrenn – President
  • Larry Stewart – Vice President
  • Deacon Thomas Jackson – Secretary
  • Robert Anderson – Assistant Secretary
  • Deacon George Noel – Chaplain
  • Trustee Gilbert Griffin – Treasurer
Church School Ministry
  • Reverend Junius Smith - Superintendent
  • Deacon Calvin Robb – Assistant Superintendent
  • Elois Evans – Secretary
  • Debera Bonner – Assistant Secretary
  • Deacon Arlene Jackson – Teacher
  • Reverend Sandra Smith - Teacher
  • Jean Griffin – Teacher
  • Debra Jefferson – Teacher
  • Carolyn Burkhalter – Teacher
Health Care Ministry
  • Lisa Robinson – President
  • Doris Brown – Secretary
  • Joyce Noel – Assistant Secretary
Audio/Visual Ministry
  • Clarence Grayson – President
  • Klayton Bonner – Vice President
  • Emmanuel Bethune – Secretary
  • Kenneth Bonner – Treasurer
Security Ministry
  • Deacon Thomas Jackson – President
  • Trustee Thomas Burkhalter – Vice President
Male Chorus
  • Deacon Maurice Davis – President
  • Deacon Thomas Jackson – Vice President
  • Deacon Clarence Williams – Chaplain
Pastor's Care Ministry
  • Deacon Joyce Noel – President
  • Kimberly Jones – Secretary
  • Marshal Anderson - Treasurer
Voices of RBBC
  • Charles Lamb – Minister of Music
  • Sharlene Wrenn – Directress
  • Angela Brown-Conklin – President
  • Gladys Walker – Vice President
  • Deacon Joyce Noel – Treasurer
  • Dulcey McCadden - Secretary
  • Deacon Clarence Williams – Chaplain
  • Nathaniel Pride – Lead Guitar
  • Kevin Walker, Sr. – Drummer
  • Kevin Walker, Jr. – Assistant Drummer
  • Trustee Frederick Wilkerson – Assistant Drummer
New Members
  • Mary Cox
  • Deacon Joyce Noel
Adult Ushers
  • President – Patricia Jones
  • Rita Winfield - Vice President
  • Doris Murdock – Secretary
  • Larry Stewart – Assistant Secretary
  • Linwood Fitzgerald, Sr. – Chaplain
  • Thomas Burkhalter – Assistant Chaplain
Prison Ministry
  • Rev. Lynn Robinson - Advisor
  • Sharlene Wrenn – President
  • Deacon Clarence Williams – Vice President
  • Deacon Janet Edwards – Secretary
Hospitality Ministry
  • Deacon Arlene Jackson – Ppresident
  • Karen Brown-Davis – Co-Chair
  • Nedra Jones – Co-Chair
Christian Education Ministry
  • Deacon Ada Williams – Vice President
  • Angela Brown-Conklin – Secretary
  • Marie Beeler – Assistant Secretary
  • Trustee Thelma Jones – Chaplain
  • Larry Stewart – Assistant Chaplain
  • Rev. Dr. Lynn Robinson - Advisor
Youth/Children Ministry
  • Naja Anderson – President
  • Kennedy Griffin – Vice President
  • NaKayla Jones – Secretary
  • Emmanuel Bethune – Chaplain
  • Noah Bethune – Treasurer
  • Marchal Anderson – Youth Ministry Director
  • Nedra Jones – Coordinator of Children’s Church and Youth Bible Study/Youth Sponsor
  • Candace Streat – Coordinator of Community Outreach/Youth Sponsor
  • Terri Williams – Praise Team Sponsor/Youth Sponsor
  • Jean Griffin – Praise Team Sponsor/Youth Sponsor
  • Danielle Williams – Praise Team Teacher
  • Shaniece Moore – Praise Team Teacher
  • Caprice Jackson - Youth Sponsor
  • Angela Conklin – Youth Sponsor
  • Irene Bethune – Youth Sponsor
  • Deacon Arlene Jackson – Spiritual Advisor
  • Deacon Paulette Moore – Spiritual Advisor